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Rosenberg Equities, a global equity investment manager with offices located in major financial markets worldwide has been managing client portfolios since 1985. Rosenberg Equities is part of AXA Investment Managers, a multi-expert investment management company within the AXA Group.


Our expertise

Rosenberg Equities uses a systematic fundamental approach based on rigorous research analysis that sets us apart from typical quant managers - combining our understanding of how company fundamentals drive equity risks and returns with our global expertise in order to achieve consistent, superior results for our clients.


Our products

The AXA Rosenberg Equity Alpha Trust was launched in October 1999 to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in the Rosenberg Equities strategies via offshore pooled funds. The AXA Rosenberg Equity Alpha Trust comprises a wide range of Sub-Funds covering different strategies and regions, including large cap, small cap and Smartbeta strategies.

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Jeremy Baskin, Global CEO & Global CIO of Rosenberg Equities

"The value we bring to clients rests on two distinct advantages: our ability to identify mis-pricing opportunities through our detailed and systematic fundamental analysis of approximately 20,000 companies globally; and the disciplined and consistent way in which we exploit these opportunities and build portfolios that meet the objectives of our clients."


Rosenberg Equities Key Figures

Source: AXA Investment Managers

* Rosenberg Equities has fundamental data for, and is actively valuing, approximately 20,000 companies. This figure varies depending on the overall number of companies that are in existence and listed at any point in time.

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