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AXA WF Global Inflation Bonds E EUR



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AXA WF Global Inflation Bonds

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Objective & investment strategy:  The Sub-Fund’s investment objective is to seek performance by investing mainly in inflation-linked bonds issued in OECD countries, over a medium term period.
Performance indicator:  100% Barclays World Inflation-Linked Hedged EUR
Fund 1st NAV date: 13/09/2005
Subscription and redemption conditions:  The subscription, conversion or redemption orders must be received by the Registrar and Transfer Agent on any Valuation Day no later than 3 p.m. CET time. Orders will be processed at the Net Asset Value applicable to such Valuation Day. The investor's attention is drawn to the existence of potential additional processing time due to the possible involvement of intermediaries such as Financial Advisers or distributors. The Net Asset Value of this Sub-Fund is calculated on a daily basis.
ISIN: Acc: LU0266010296

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Accounting currency: EUR
European passport: Yes
Launch date: 13/09/2005

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Asset class: Fixed Income Active
RI fund: No
Investment expertise: European & Global Rates, Inflation & Aggregate
Legal authority classification: -
Legal form: SICAV
Investment area: Global
Fund agreement date: 24/08/2005

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Synthetic Risk & Reward Information: -
Additional risks:  -
Recommended investment horizon:  -

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Legal authority: Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier
Custodian: State Street Bank Luxembourg S.C.A
Investment manager: AXA IM Paris
Management company: AXA Funds Management SA (Luxembourg)
Promoter: AXA IM Paris
Transfer agent: Acc: State Street Bank Luxembourg S.C.A

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Please contact AXA IM's Client Operations team on +33 1 44 45 70 04 or via email at You may also contact your local AXA IM client service or sales representative for more details.


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